As we all know, now a days modern technologies are blood sucking mosquitoes. It will drain your batteries in just a short span of time especially that I share some cool tricks in my previous post like sims freeplay cheats on your iphone game. I always get this problem. Every time I leave my place I just fully charge my gadget but before my day is over. I run out of battery.

There is a lot of saving battery tips that we read now a days. Here is one that I can share with you that I just discover.

Before I read an article about extending the life of your battery. All I know is closing the apps that I am not currently using is useful. Then open it later on when I needed it. Well I was wrong. Closing or quitting the apps that you are not using at the moment, will not help you save your battery form running out. But instead it will suck the energy of your battery. Little did I know that it was wrong. According to Scotty Loveless an Apple Store Genius, when you quit or close an app you will also get it from the RAM of you iPad or iPhone. So if ever you decide to open the app that you just close your iPad or iPhone will again load it back into the memory. It will suck your battery again so it is best to leave it be.

When an open app or apps are not used in your iPad or iPhone does not consumed any of your battery.  So there is no use of closing it all the time. No matter how many apps you open for that day. You do not have to close them maybe later you will need it again. All I can say to you is to leave them be. Do not bother to close it because when you need it again you will not need to wait for it loading time again.

There is no need to worry about closing it again. The apps that you had open will only update in the background if you refresh it. It will only consume your batteries if you are using wifi, location services, mobile data, playing music or recording audio. So if this is the case you can close some if you want to save batteries.

There is also another thing. The brightness of your iPad or iPhone. You can make it a little dimmer just enough for your eyes to see clearly.

These are some of the useful tips that I share with you today hope I can be a good helped you in somehow.

Top iPhone Games From EA

The Simpsons Tapped Out – Already an old game and was once a very popular one. Yet it is probably one of those TV – game development that was very successful. In fact, this game was of of EA’s top seller. And that is why it continues to get updates because of the continues gameplay that it receives from different users.

Evolving from the first version, now in its second, Plant vs. Zombies 2 is now ever more challenging to play. And with different plants to match the incoming zombies attacking your house and yard, it has become even more exciting. It is still a free to play game but continues to capture massive income for the EA developers. Why? Because it simple is so addictive to play and once a player get frustrated or wants to finish big, BOOOm, ingame purchases.  The very nature of freemium games and EA is an expert in this strategy.

Heroes of Dragon Age – If you are up for medieval battle then this game for your. With Knights, Dragons, Ancient Swords and Armors this role playing like game is a sure hitter. Yes, it is already an old game but it still continues to amaze me at how the came is still very interesting to play. Probably its just me and my love for old fashion style fighting together with magic and sorcery but yeah, it is one amazing game. I know that there are other similar games like this but Dragon Age has its own distinct character of gameplay that gets me hooked to it.

Still love SIMS? Well, this mobile version of the game is a must have! The Sims Freeplay is the version for android and iphone and EA has certainly recaptured its old fans from the PC and other consoles. Although many may complain that all other activities has been cut short but you gotta admit that EA has still retained the same quality if not, even better graphics considering that this is already a pocket size game that used to require so much in a PC version. And if I may add, using some cool tricks to the game can even make it more exciting like having sims freeplay cheat millions lifepoint no jailbreak stuff. Just follow the link I share and you will see what I am talking about. *wink wink

EA’s fat earning the Madden NFL Mobile. I am pretty sure all of you have played this game because who doesn’t love football? And with a mobile version of the game is simple irresistible. I mean, we all love watching the game in real life and having the change to play and control top players with so much quality and reality makes the game a sure hitter. No wonder it was one of EA’s top earning game last year 2015.

What’s your favorite game from EA? Tell us about it.